05/11/22 — Update: $KAI | Kaizen Corps HQ v. Domination | Funding | Our Manifesto

6 min readMay 11, 2022

Dear Recruits,

Time flies, when you’re building, and before you know it another month goes… wait we said this last post…

Today is a new day.

The last couple of months since we burst onto the scene have felt like years.

Working in the space, we’ve learned a lot and we’ve grown.

We’re not who we were 5 months ago.

During our time here we’ve identified some opportunities and we wanted to share with you how you (our community) fit into all of this.

Opportunity / Problem — A Fractured Ecosystem

With the huge explosion of G/M (gaming/metaverse) projects on Solana, we noticed that everyone is developing things from scratch and there are no customizable tooling solutions for ubiquitous problems across the space.

Despite Solana’s boom in popularity, the infancy of the ecosystem means a lack of tooling and infrastructure.

Many basic tools must be built from the ground up, most often without any documentation, which is why Solana developers are affectionately referred to as “glass-eaters.”

Projects are forced to shift resources towards the building of foundational tools, thus creating a significant barrier to entry for most projects and increasing overall development time.

We first identified this when we first came onto the scene.

We had to develop our own whitelisting tool because at the time there were no other viable solutions to whitelist wallets on-chain.

Kaizen Corps’ WL Tool — Doorman (Open Source):


We’ve run into these challenges again as we’ve been developing Domination.

Our development has been slow and tedious due to the lack of tooling.

Currently, Domination is being built using a set of web2 and web3 components that either integrate with or are built directly on top of Solana.

There are many intermediary components that work together to host the playable game.

As Hiro networked with other builders in the space, it was apparent that there were many redundancies in the way that games specifically were being built because the existing tooling did not have the capabilities to fulfill the unique needs and requirements of the builders.

Solution — Kaizen Corps: Building the next generation of composable web2 to web3 integration components to form the basis of an ecosystem for projects to use on Solana.

Abstract: The primary goal of Kaizen Corps is to spur the adoption of web3 and help to provide much-needed infrastructure for projects to leverage.

In order to accomplish this, we are building composable web2 and web3 components to form the basis of an ecosystem for projects to use, extend, and build upon.

GitBook: https://docs.kaizencorps.com/kaizen-corps/

Our entire development methodology will be based on building Domination first, which will give us a “builder’s perspective” of what’s needed since we’ll be surveying the landscape for what’s available to solve our own needs.

This will allow us to avoid redundancies as we utilize and extend what’s already available. What we build will be used to service our own needs first for Domination, and then will be abstracted into services that’ll fill gaps in the broader ecosystem.

As we componentize and productize our features we’ll be able to leverage the infrastructure we’ve already built to:

  1. Help other projects in the space build (and therefore grow) faster
  2. Monetize our work and IP in other ways outside of Domination

Kaizen Corps Products v.1

These are not the only products we will be developing.

We’ve already identified many more opportunities and will continue to discover more as we build Domination.

We will be dropping another post that outlines the use-cases and design of our Kaizen Corps products soon.

Kaizen Corps Funding | Solana Ventures + BigBrainHoldings + Strategic Angels

We’re proud to announce that we have brought on investors who share our analysis of the problems we’ve identified in the ecosystem and are committed to helping us achieve our vision.

We’ve received funding from the following funds: Solana Ventures, BigBrainHoldings & a group of strategic angels Adil (Blitz.gg), Dylan (Saber.so), and Dongwon (angel).

  • S/O to SolBigBrain, he instantly saw our vision and has been a strong advocate for Kaizen Corps from the beginning.
  • S/O to Kuleen from Solana Ventures, from the gaming division at Solana Labs, he made a ton of important introductions for us.
  • S/O to our strategic angels: Adil, Dylan, Dongwon. Having experienced builders in the space who helped us plan our raise and gave us feedback on our deck was huge and we’re super excited to have them on board with us.

Our SAFT and international business entity creation were handled and organized by our formally hired legal partner, SkyVision Capital.

Kaizen Corps v. Domination Brand + Assets

As it currently stands, our Twitter, Discord, and all of our brand assets have been centralized under a single entity. We’ve decided to isolate our work with Domination from Kaizen Corps to help create an easy distinction between the two brands.

The following will be the primary links to Kaizen Corps — Web3 tooling + development company:

The following accounts will be for our win-to-earn game, Domination:

This medium account will be for Kaizen Corps.

Domination is essentially a product built on the $KAI Protocol, i.e. Kaizen Corps’ first client. Here is a visual representation of the relationship.


The Kaizen Corps NFTs will have bi-lateral utility and mobility through our overarching Kaizen Corps ecosystem.

***Holders will gain additional value and access to the greater Kaizen Corps ecosystem.***

A follow-up post on $KAI will include how our NFTs fit and gain value from the underlying we work we do.

The NFTs will be the participation mechanism tool for Domination and a way to gain exposure to the greater Kaizen Corps ecosystem.

We plan on developing a strong community of developers and builders in the space.

$KAI Utility

(hint hint)

As other projects scale and build using our products, we will collect fees that’ll trickle up into Kaizen Corps’ treasury.

More info on $KAI protocol will be shared in a follow-up post.

The Kaizen Corps Manifesto

As we organized our entity and thought long and hard about our brand, we also spent time organizing our values and principles.

The Kaizen Corps Manifesto is our internally-designed operational manual on what we expect out of each other, our community, and our partners.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Community — Take care of our holders, team, investors, and players.
  • Communication — Often and clear.
  • Extreme Ownership — of your responsibilities, duties, and actions.
  • Innovation — Push the envelope and always be building.
  • Ride Together, Die Together— Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Have Fun — Otherwise, what’s the point of all this?

This is what you’re buying into.

We’ve individually sacrificed a lot and put a ton on the line because we believe in our vision, our team, and ourselves to get the job done.

We hope to have you along on our journey.

Here’s what’s next:

  • Absolute rebrand of Kaizen Corps + new website
  • New website for Domination (under construction — new domain is 🔥)
  • A deeper explanation of our tool suite and model (follow up post)

We’re fully prepared to build the bear.

We look forward to hearing everyone’s sentiment around the publication of our future plans and the implication it’ll have on our NFT holders.

— Kaizen Corps Team

Founder: @Hiro__Yuy

Developer: @silostack

Artist: @Hard_Surfaced

Community Manager: @kaizenguru_sol

Twitter: @KaizenCorpsNFT

Discord: discord.gg/kaizencorps




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