How To Play Domination: A Blockchain-Based Strategy Game — Build an Army, Win Together, Earn Together

5 min readNov 29, 2021


How do you play Domination?

We’ve grown a lot in the last couple of weeks and our art alone has given us opportunities to speak with many respectable advisors and massive projects that are ahead of us.

Concept Art of Domination - v1 will be a completely striped down version.

Consistently there’s been one topic that everyone has had questions about.

“What is Domination and how do you play?”


We will focus on simplifying the concepts introduced on our first post.

Read here ➡️ Domination: A Massive Online Collaborative Strategy Experience

Domination is a faction-based strategy game. The ultimate goal is to coordinate with your faction to disable all of the active opposing faction’s Kais and take over their territory.

Our first group conceptualization of the Domination

The winning faction will earn rewards.

Please keep in mind, the first version of the game we drop in Q1 of 2022 will NOT include all of the final functions of the finished product.

The Rules

Each Kai will have a loadout of stats that you get to determine during the Genesis Event. Each holder will be given a certain amount of points to distribute to each stat.

NOTE: Each Kai that does not mint their stats will receive a standard loadout.

Stats (v.1) Example:

  • Hit Points: The amount of life points (damage) your Kai can receive
  • Attack: The amount of damage your Kai deals
  • Defense: The defensive power of warding attacks
  • Repair: The amount of points available for repairing hit points
  • Upgrade: The ability to boost your attack or defense stat

Future Considerations:

  • Mobility
  • Inventory
  • Special Moves [Attachments? 👀] (whispers*…airdrops?)

The Gameplay

In this section we’re going to run you through a single round of Domination.

1. Select Your Faction

  • v1 will allow you to choose between 3 factions
  • The game will not begin until each faction has the minimum amount of participants equally distributed
  • Participates may “lend” their Kai to their faction to defer moves to an elected representative

Once a game of Domination begins, each participating player must input their move within a 24-hr allotted period of time.

2. Pick Your Move

Available Moves (v.1):

  • Attack: Put your attack points towards an attack
  • Defend: Put your stats up for defending an attack
  • Upgrade: Increase the stats of your Kai, for a greater attack the next cycle
  • Repair: Enable a disabled Kai, for more coordinated power next cycle
  • Defer: Allow your Faction to coordinate your Kai’s move
  • Move: [Once territories are revealed] [Unavailable for v.1]
  • Use Items: [Once inventory is added] [Unavailable for v.1]
  • Special Moves: [Redacted] [Unavailable for v.1]

For the sake of keeping the following example simple, each faction will have 10 players with a base stat line of 1 for each stat.

Round 1:

Faction 2

  • 5 Players Attack → Faction 1
  • 5 Players defer their move to “majority action”
  • Final tally = +10 Attack → Faction 1

Faction 1

  • 10 Players Defend [No need to specify]
  • Final tally = +10 Defend

Faction 3

  • 8 Players Attack → Faction 2
  • 2 Players Defend
  • Final tally = +8 Attack → Faction 2, +2 Defend

Round 1 Results:

  • Faction 2 +10 Attack to Faction 1 has been completely defended
  • Faction 1 has been dealt 0 damage as a result
  • Faction 3 has dealt +8 damage to Faction 2’s accumulative Hit Points

Total: Faction 1 = 10 HP | Faction 2 = 2(-8) HP |Faction 3 = 10 HP

You must coordinate with your faction to make the best “collaborative strategy” decision to outwit your opposing factions.

Possible Scenarios:

  • Negotiations: Coordination with another enemy faction to eliminate a weak or strong faction first (double crosses?)
  • Betrayal: Faction members cutting deals with enemy factions for part of the rewards (traitors!)
  • Misfire: Faction members may input the wrong move (or not input a move at all) affecting the round totals (deserters!)

NOTE: We are currently working out the exact mechanics with a professional game theory developer on how Kais will get disabled and how stats play into the total power of each move.

End Game:

  • The game ends when all of the Kais on all of the opposing factions are disabled and no longer able to fight, or the opposing factions surrender

Interface | Dashboard (v.1)

Designed by Argo

Dashboard Parts:

  • Stats: Data on opposing factions like active Kais, HP, etc
  • Game history: Total rounds played, previous moves by opposing factions
  • Moves: ATTACK factions by using the interactive map
  • Move Tracker: Track how much time is left to decide and your faction’s moves selected for the pending round [Not shown]

The Incentives

We’re working out the exact details of what the rewards will be but here are the potential options.

NOTE: None of these options are final!

Reward Considerations:

  • $KAI token for stat boosts, aesthetic updates, name changes
  • $SOL paid from the treasury
  • Rare NFTs
  • In-game items (airdrops)
  • Positional advantage for the next round (in tandem with rewards)
  • Additional stat bonuses

This is why we will be creating the Kaizen DAO, so these types of decisions can be managed and continually developed by a decentralized community.

Final Note

We believe we’re creating something special here.

What’s important to keep in mind is that we have already begun development of the game and we have all of the requisite experience, network, and team members to deliver an exceptional game.

We have nothing against ambition but it’s not a pipe dream like what we’ve seen promised by other NFT projects.

We’ve told you from the beginning that we will always be transparent about where we are, what we have done, and what we’re actually working on.

With the further development to the mechanics of Domination we felt compelled to take another shot at explaining how to play.

Keep in mind, Domination, as a product, will always be going through ‘Kaizen’ continually improving and evolving like our team, community and mission.

See you on the battle field.

— Kaizen Corps Team, over & out.

Founder: @Hiro__Yuy

Developer: @silostack

Artist: @Hard_Surfaced

Marketer: @Argobolt

Twitter: @KaizenCorpsNFT





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