KaizenVerse World Building Contest

3 min readNov 7, 2021


We want YOU to help us build the KaizenVerse.

Kaizen Corps isn’t just a profile pic NFT project.

We’re in szn 1 of the development of a globally recognizable brand.

An important piece in our journey is building the world that the Kais themselves come from, the KaizenVerse.

We want YOU, our early community members to help us shape this world.

KaizenVerse World Building Contest Details:

  • Must be submitted within our Discord by Nov. 17th, 2021
  • We will have a community vote for the top 3
  • The final winner will be selected by the team
  • The winner will be announced a week later on Nov. 22nd, 2021
  • The contestants will be provided an intro, brief and, parameters


  • The winner will receive 2 free mints + 2 whitelist spots
  • The winner will gain access to our internal team chat to gain alpha on the project moving forward
  • The winner will be added to our website*
  • The winner’s persona will be mentioned as a character in any future publications as a war hero/legend

KaizenVerse Intro/Prompt:

The year is 20__.

Over the last ___ decades, with the continued mass adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies, many nation-states have lost global dominance and power.

The new economic and political structures emerging from the growth of cryptocurrencies have weakened the old order from which former world powers derived their power.

Major Landmark Event: “The Spark.”

In the year ____, in a final attempt to retain control, the remaining G8 members decided to come together to ban unapproved cryptocurrencies from international use and development.

This became the catalyst that forced major organizations and minds to migrate to crypto-friendly countries. As a result of this brain drain, smaller states started to become the centers of innovation, while established powers continued to erode.

Due to the shared ideals of the crypto movement, smaller states were forced to reinvent their political and economic institutions as they worked with the new ideas and organizations that came to their countries.

These new organizational structures became the evolution of DAOs, and became known as DANs (Decentralized Autonomous Nations).

These DANs were no longer geographically limited and their resources and treasuries grew rapidly, as much of the economic activity that occurred in the metaverse was captured by these new organizations.

With their ability to move and adapt rapidly, these DANs became the new corporate-style nations and became the forefront of technological innovation. They leveraged their new resources and minds to take over territories and form new alliances.

However, due to the majority of the innovation now being focused on the continued improvement of the metaverse, humanity neglected the impending effects of climate change.

Over time, rising water levels, mismanagement of waste, and an increase in natural disasters led to a vastly different landscape.

With the ever-increasing effects of climate change, coupled with the still-credible threats of the old world order, the DANs poured their vast resources into the development of a new war deterrent.

The Kais, manned mech armor suits, were commissioned and developed to protect the interests of the DANs, and navigate the harsh effects of climate change.

The Kaizen Corps is the special forces military division of the best fighters, pilots, and strategists from each DAN.

Contest Template + Parameters

  • Justify the year, when does this happen, why?
  • Which nations combined to form the new DANs? What alliances were made? What are these new DANs called?
  • Factions: Names + how many, why did they form, what do they stand for?
  • Kai history: who designed them, for what primary purpose?
  • Tell a short story of a Kaizen Corps squad and a mission they’re on.

We don’t want to restrict your creativity and we want you to have fun.

Let us know if any of the contest details are unclear.

We’re eager to see your contributions.

— Kaizen Corps Team

Founder: @Hiro__Yuy

Artist: @Hard_Surfaced

Developer: @silostack

Marketer: @Argobolt

Twitter: @KaizenCorpsNFT

Discord: discord.gg/kaizencorps




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