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Keychain: Unlocking New Blockchain Experiences on Solana

Greetings Anon, we at Kaizen Corps want to talk to you about the future of blockchain and how it’ll become an important part of our lives. As you probably know, blockchains have a usability problem. Switching wallets, using hardware devices, not having the wallet you need on hand… it’s tough. But that’s all going to change. One day our experiences with blockchains will be seamless, and will happen from any of our devices.

Enter Keychain: The first step towards that reality. The heart of Keychain is simple: an on-chain account that links multiple wallets. No more juggling wallets. No more entering your private keys into every device you own. With Keychain, you’ll be able to connect all your wallets and easily interact with all your assets in one place, regardless of whether your wallet is on a desktop or mobile device.

But that’s not all. Keychain also provides a higher level of security by allowing people to use their assets and interact with third-party apps without compromising their private keys, reducing the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks. Whether you’re an avid NFT collector, a gamer, or a developer, Keychain is here to make your life easier and your assets more secure.

But, friends and fellow degens, Keychain is more than just a wallet solution. It’s a step towards a future where blockchain is accessible, convenient, and secure for everyone. It’s a future where we will do all sorts of things on the blockchain, from anywhere and on any device. Accessing your digital assets should be as easy as accessing your email. But let’s dig a little further…

The Big Idea:

Keychain was originally developed for our game Domination, with the goal of allowing our players to login, access their NFTs, and play using their mobile wallets, while their NFTs remained secure in their hardware wallet. This simple use case, and the fact that nothing of the sort existed, was a huge unlock for us, and we realized the potential for Keychain was much bigger than a delegated login mechanism. Having an on-chain account opens up all sorts of new ways of interacting with dapps and blockchains that a single-access wallet doesn’t provide. Here’s some example scenarios that Keychain opens up:

  • Having profiles/reputation/identity being wallet-independent
  • Being able to collect rewards or cash out rewards from multiple wallets
  • Proving ownership of multiple wallets to properly handle programmable NFT rulesets (transfers/royalties)
  • Proving ownership of assets in 1 wallet from another (e.g. for IRL holder events)
  • Being able to to keep history independent from specific wallet(s) (e.g. if an individual wallet is compromised and needs to be abandoned)
  • And way more…

So we’ve expanded our plans and are taking Keychain to the next level, and we’ve started by releasing Keychain as a standalone app to help showcase it:

To start, first connect your wallet and create a unique username, which doubles as the name of your Keychain. This will create your on-chain Keychain account. Then, add the addresses of other wallets you want to link to your account. These wallets remain pending until they’re verified. To do that, login with each added wallet and send a verification transaction to complete verification.

Voila! You now have all your wallets in one place for easy management and visibility.

Keychain offers a high degree of flexibility and scalability for developers looking to implement it into their applications, allowing them to adapt to the needs of their userbase and create features for easy onboarding.

The Use Cases Are Endless!

Think of it like this: imagine you’re an avid NFT collector (aka a complete degen) and you have all your precious NFTs spread out across different devices and wallets. With Keychain, you can say goodbye to the headache of managing multiple wallets and easily view all your NFTs with a single keychain-linked wallet on any device. As we add verified marks to collections on our standalone Keychain app, you’ll be able to easily flex your SMB or DAA wherever you go.

Stay updated by following @SmartStache on Twitter for more info on how to get your collection verified on the Keychain App.

Games & Metaverse

Keychain is the ultimate game-changer, letting you switch devices on the fly, all the while keeping your game progress, reputation, and assets safe. Already implemented in our game Domination, it has potential for integration in other gaming and metaverse projects. Players can use a Keychain account to access their profile, items, and achievements without the need for adding their hardware or web wallet to their mobile device.

Developers, step up your game with Keychain now!
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Marketplaces & Launchpads

From single sign-on (SSO) to easy asset migration and reputation management there are so many potentials for Keychain integration. Imagine being able to select the wallet of your choice to receive your newly minted NFTs, or even minting them directly to a custodial wallet for easy transfer to any of your linked wallets later on. A marketplace could even allow tokens to be sent from your NFT sales to your linked wallet of choice. Keychain could empower marketplace and launchpad users with increased control and flexibility in managing their NFTs, while unlocking new possibilities for asset management.

Other Use Cases

Keychain is the ultimate addition for any app, it’s the perfect way to enhance security and convenience for your entire userbase. From accessing content on decentralized storage to order history and subscriptions on digital storefronts. Adding Keychain can optimize the management of accounts, access, and assets. It’s a game-changer for businesses and developers that increases the likelihood of user retention and engagement.

Solana Mobile & The Key to Effortless NFT Flexing

Solana Mobile & Keychain make a powerful combo that allows users to easily manage and showcase their NFT collections. The sleek Solana Saga Phone provides a user-friendly interface while the Keychain app allows users to link their separate web or hardware wallets, making it easy to access and flex NFTs on-the-go.

Here’s how we imagine the future…

You’re at the hottest Solana party of the year and you’re the MVP of the ecosystem. Why? ’Cause you’ve got your trusty Solana Saga phone and Keychain app that makes managing and flexing your NFTs a total breeze. Meanwhile, all the other guests are fumbling with hardware wallets and clunky apps. But not you, oh no. You’ve got a verified collection of NFTs including some serious blue-chip flex and you’re making everyone at the party green with envy. Bonus points for linking all your web and hardware wallets to your Keychain account before the event, you’re the ultimate NFT pro. So let’s raise a glass and cheers to the future of effortlessly flexing your NFTs in style! 🥂

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