Locked & Loaded | Weapons Trait Idea Contest

2 min readNov 18, 2021


We’re looking for the next Tony Stark… No drawing skills needed

We’re getting closer to mint day so we’re starting to lock in the traits that each Kai will possess.

We’ve shown a couple of the weapons that the Kais will have but we want the community to have a say in one (or more) of the final weapons that will be available.


Kaizen Corps Weapons Trait Contest Details:

  • Must be submitted within our Discord (correct channel) by Nov. 22, 2021
  • You must follow the submission template
  • We will hold a community vote for the top 3 submissions
  • The final winner will be selected by the team
  • The winner will actually NOT be announced until the mint day so you can see who won by seeing the trait on the Kais themselves!


  • The winner will receive 1 free mint + 1 whitelist spot
  • The winner will gain access to our internal team chat to gain alpha on the project moving forward
  • The winner will be added to our website*
  • The winner’s persona will be mentioned as a character in any future publications as a weapons technician/developer

Kaizen Corp Weapons Idea Contest Template:

  • Name:
  • Purpose:
  • Backstory:
  • Include 2* examples of the weapon:
  • BONUS* If you’re a designer add the weapon on this weaponless Kai ⬇️

Note: We will still give you props for trying and you’re allowed to work with other community members who can add the design for you as well if you want to share the awards if you win.

We also fully expect there to be duplicate submissions, this is where the backstory and creativity of the weapon’s purpose will shine through.

We’re excited to see what you come up with.

— Kaizen Corps Team, over & out.

Founder: @Hiro__Yuy

Developer: @silostack

Artist: @Hard_Surfaced

Marketer: @Argobolt

Twitter: @KaizenCorpsNFT

Discord: discord.gg/kaizencorps




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